Solutions That Work

For your business

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JCI Technology

General Technical Solutions

  • Design

  • Custom Integrations

  • Base Infrastructure

  • Cloud Services

  • Managed IT Services

  • Network Management

  • Server Administration

  • Storage Solutions, Virtualization and Data Management

  • Data Analytics

  • Training and Support

  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization,

  • IT Asset Management, and Vendor Management.

Benefit from a secure, efficient, and scalable technology foundation.

JCI Technology

Access, Security and Hyper-Aware Surveillance

  • Intelligent building access systems,

  • Video surveillance and analysis,

  • Automated and remote door access systems that encompass a comprehensive range of technologies and capabilities.

Your business can enhance security, streamline access control, monitor premises effectively, and improve overall safety and convenience.

That's just the beginning.

  • Hyper-aware surveillance can monitor and secure 'anything'

JCI Technology

Cloud Solutions

  • Migration

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS security

  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud environments

  • Cost optimization

  • Co-location and related server hosting and virtualization

Enhance scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, security, and productivity, while reducing the burden of infrastructure management.

Top 3 Requests

Cybersecurity Assessment

Analysis/identification of any vulnerabilities or risks, and provide a guide for protective measures within an organization's digital infrastructure to enhance their overall security posture. Starting package.


General Technology Solutions

Including network design, implementation, maintenance, server management, cloud integration, and cybersecurity. Starting package.

Automation and IoT

Design and implementation of cutting-edge automation and IoT solutions to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and elevate overall technological capabilities for businesses. Starting package.